[RESPONDED] Ubuntu Certified?

Are Framework considering getting the laptops on Ubuntu’s certified hardware list [1]?

I understand there are official guides on installing Ubuntu, and Phoronix tried it out recently as well. But being on the Hardware Compatibility List of a major vendor helps with procurement and management/approver’s confidence.

[1] Certified laptops | Ubuntu

This has also come up for Framework Laptop 13. Here is the response from Framework’s head of linux support, Matt: [RESPONDED] Any plan to have FL13 Red Hat and / or Ubuntu Certified? - #4


I will say we work very closely with our software and hardware partners. If you follow things on Launchpad much with the keywords Framework, you will see some of the items happening behind the scenes.

In the meantime:

  • Our guides are key. This includes LTS and OEM D kernel usage as that is where Ubuntu pushes our kernel updates.

  • We appreciate your feedback.