[RESPONDED] Unable to enlarge mouse pointer

I have a FW16 DIY which I installed Ubuntu 22.04.04C, and have updated the BIOS.

I am currently unable to change the mouse-pointer size using:
Settings/Accessibility/Cursor Size
It apears to occur only when I use REDGLASS cursor theme.

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cursor configuration on linux can be rather obnoxious sometimes since there are multiple different places where it must be configured (and individual applications dont respect all of them)

does this occur for all applications or only for certain applications? if so, do you know what ui toolkits they are using, whether they are flatpaks, etc?

also, what is the output of echo $XCURSOR_SIZE?

actually, you said that it only occurs with one cursor theme. it could be that this cursor theme doesn’t include files for your preferred size (or any size other than 24 which is the default)

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Also try playing with dconf

dconf write /org/gnome/desktop/interface/cursor-size 25

I opened a terminal and ran “echo $XCURSOR_SIZE” and it returned nothing.

I read somehere that this command would tell the cursor size:

gsettings get org.gnome.desktop.interface cursor-size

Running it gives me 96

A little more playing around says the problem may be related to me trying to increase size of fonts and windows by modifying


I had set it to 125%, and Redglass would not chage the size of the pointer…
with it set back to 100% it would change it.

Perhaps what I was doing was the incorrect way to “enlarge” fonts etc. to make everything large enough for my old eyes to comfortably read.

Further research indicates this is not exclusive to the FW16 running Ubuntu:
Linux Mint on an HiDPI monitor
HiDPI monitor