[RESPONDED] Updating Bios fwupd Question

The docs say that apt ships an outdated version of fwupd and suggests using the snap package,

  1. Would the official Flatpak version suffice?

  2. What version of fwupd is required for updates? Ubuntu currently has 1.7.5-3. Noble will ship 1.9.16-1. Will the Noble version (due in a week or two) be usable?

2.) 1.9.16-1 should be fine… arch ships that too… and worked fine for me so far :3

I may have to check fwupd 1.9.16 on my end, although so far can’t see any issue in forums relating to this yet.

Okay. Do you know if the Flatpak version of fwupd will work for updating Bios? Easier to use that then Snap.