[RESPONDED] USB malfunction, what just happened?

I have been using my 11th gen framework for about a year, mostly plugged into my LG USB-C monitor with no problems.

Yesterday I had some issues with the monitors built in USB hub not working, so I unplugged the monitor from the wall, waited a minute and the plugged it back in (while my framework was still connected, probably a bad idea).

After I did this, the monitors built in hub was still not working, so I disconnected the monitor and tried plugging some devices directly into my laptop using a type A expansion card. Here is where things got weird.

None of my USB devices showed up on my laptop, my USB flash drive would blink once then nothing, and my portable HDD would spin up for a few seconds before shutting off. I checked dmesg, and there were no messages relating to USB events.

I thought this must be a Linux bug, so I rebooted into Windows 10 and experienced the same thing! I tried switching the type A module to different ports and still it wasn’t working. I even tried inserting a bootable Linux installer and couldn’t get it to load (same thing was happening even in the F12 boot menu!) I also noticed that my Laptop was running a little warm, and for some reason Fedora wasn’t shutting down fully, it was just stuck at “reached target shutdown”. I also confirmed that these USB devices worked by testing them on my old Thinkpad.

I decided to leave it alone for a few hours (powered off) and when I came back, suddenly everything was working perfectly (USB devices, running cooler and shutdown like normal). Is it possible that plugging my monitor in while attached to the laptop over USB-C tripped a fuse or something in the USB circuitry and that by letting it sit powered off, it somehow reset?

I have limited knowledge of electronics but it seems odd to me that simply leaving the laptop powered off somehow fixed this issue… Anyone else ever experience anything like this?

No similar issues with my Framework computer, but my first gen TI-30 sometimes had to be treated that way. Take out the 9-volt battery and let it rest a bit.

Other similar event with other devices over the years.

Yes, that’s very likely and from other reports I suspect that the fuses inside the Framework are relatively sensitive. But it’s better to be on the safe side than have permanent damage to the ports.

There is a new BIOS that is out for 11th gen, numerous fixes, please try updating to that, then report back.

UEFI release isn’t out yet, so it does require a Windows installation (I usually just swap drives and install it there).

If you need the UEFI release, please bookmark this thread in the meantime until UEFI for USB/lvfs options are available.