[RESPONDED] Waking from suspend w/ lid closed

I have experienced a 2nd instance of freezing on resuming.

  • the laptop was suspended through “systemctl suspend” while its lid was closed, its main screen disabled and various other devices connected through a dock, including 2 DisplayPort monitors.
  • I pressed a key and noticed no reaction
  • I opened the lid: the screen was still disabled and I noticed the keyboard was not responding to the hotkeys (e.g. Fn+space to increase backlight); same for the numpad.
    At this stage, I consider the laptop is frozen and can only long-press the power button to shut it down.
    Like the 1st time it happened, regular system logs do not help. The last log entry before the next boot is simply “kernel: PM: suspend entry (s2idle)”.
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More than a week has passed since my previous post and… I did not get any suspend-related troubles in the meantime. Presumably, I have been subconsciously avoiding a situation that used to trigger those issues, but I cannot pinpoint what exactly.
Note : I have not switched to the 3.3 BIOS yet.

The lid on the 16 flexes a lot - enough to be able to click the trackpad / keyboard

I also noticed a series of ‘k’ characters appeared in a text editor after I dusted the laptop with the lid closed, but I cannot reproduce it at will.

I’m on Ubuntu 24.04 beta with kernel 6.8.0-22-generic #22-Ubuntu and suspend works perfectly for me. I had problems with suspend until I updated the kernel from 6.8.0-11 to 6.8.0-20.

I was having issues on 22.04 LTS (with OEM kernel) that would result in it going to sleep properly, but I opened the laptop again within like 30 seconds the screen would completely glitch out and either just look broken (graphical), or wouldn’t turn on the screen at all. And I had the same issue with 23.10 with the latest mainline kernels.

Since switching to 24.04 Beta with the latest kernel that comes with it, everything has worked absolutely perfectly 100% of the time when it comes to the display and sleep so far.

Glad to hear it’s doing better on Ubuntu, but I just had the issue happen tonight again - put my laptop in the bag and it woke up & drained the battery again. This is on a newly updated archlinux, kernel 6.8.7

If it’s 13 add platform/x86/amd/pmc: Extend Framework 13 quirk to more BIOSes · torvalds/linux@f609e7b · GitHub to your kernel.

If it’s 16, it’s probably it’s from the lid pressing the keyboard or trackpad.

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Yeah this needs to get fixed. The thing work up in my bag. When I pulled it out the thing was almost too hot to touch. Now I have to wonder if that may have damaged the system. I had this issue with a MBP I had back in 2006. Sensor was screwed up overheated in the bag and then I spent 8 months back and forth with Apple as the system would crash randomly after that until they finally replaced the motherboard.
FW 16 with GPU on Fedora 39. Used the guide to set it up.

I completely agree. This needs to be top of the list of potentially damaging issues that need to be fixed. A laptop should properly sleep of all things. It can’t be that hard. Other brands of laptops I use all do it just fine.

Very frustrating that I have to power it all the way down before putting it in my bag or I run the risk of pulling it out on fire the next time.

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That’s definitely something that’ll be on my list, although I don’t do suspend that often myself.

Yeah this happens to me a lot while riding my bike, too.
I can tell it woke up, as the laptop steals my airpods and I had to connect again on my phone.
It also suspends very quickly afterwards though, within ~10 seconds.

I’m running arch linux, keeping my stuff on the latest.

I really hope this is high on the priority list… I had a critical moment where I needed my laptop yesterday fast and found it in my bag on the login screen at 5% battery and extremely hot to the touch.

For now If you upgrade to 6.8.8 the kernel workaround is there. If you’re on something older you can use the udev rule workaround.

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We are planning to address this in our next BIOS/firmware update for this platform by disabling keyboard input when the lid is closed.


Any estimated timeframe on this? A “hopefully by X month” would be nice, and I promise I won’t hold you to it :wink:

I can confirm that upgrading to 6.8.8 doesn’t change anything in terms of keyboard / touchpad wake up (I assume that’s more for the unreliable suspend than hid wakeup?). I don’t have enough knowledge about udev rules to make one for the keyboard / trackpad… so I guess I’ll wait for the bios. Good to hear it’s still on the radar though.

Sorry mixed up 13 and 16!

Love to hear this, as soon I’ll carry this laptop regularly in my future backpack (still need to find a good one that fits this chunky boy).

Thanks :​)

It took an entire month but it happened again. There really is no straightforward way to harvest any meaningful information when this happens: the screen remains black, the RGB keyboard remains still / unreactive, the numpad remains unlit, the power button is lit but no longer “breathes”, no reaction whatsoever with either Alt+SysRq or Ctrl+Alt+del… essentially a perfect brick.

Contextual information:

  • I upgraded from BIOS 3.2 to 3.3 on 2024-04-18.
  • Debian Sid is currently offering kernel 6.7.12; I hope the 6.8.x branch will bring better results as hinted by @TenPin
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I just got my FW 16. 80% of the time I open my laptop after having it in my backpack for a short walk to elsewhere in school, and either my password field is filled, or I’m locked out from too many failed password attempts. Being locked out is getting really annoying when I have all my stuff open and I now have to reboot.

I’m not worried about overheating due to the short times it’s slept in my bag. The screen shouldn’t see much flexion with my backpack’s layout.

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I just had an incident where I discovered that my FW16 with dGPU running Ubuntu 22.04 was extremely hot while it was supposed to be in suspend. The laptop had been sitting closed on my desk and connected to the AC adapter for over a day. When I disconnected it and picked it up, the bottom was very hot, and it didn’t sound like the fans were running. I opened the lid, the power button light turned on, and the screen remained black. After about five seconds the fans ramped to maximum speed. I left the device alone for at least a minute and the screen never came on. (I didn’t press any keys, just opened the lid; normally just opening the lid wakes the suspended laptop). After holding the power button down to power off the machine and letting it cool down, it powered back on and has been working normally so far.
Again, the laptop was sitting on a desk. It had some paper sitting on top of it, but was nowhere near as insulated as in a laptop sleeve. It’s possible I flexed the body and caused a key or the trackpad to press while carrying it to the desk when I set it down, who knows.