[RESPONDED] FW13 idles and suspends during use. [Arch] [AMD 7640U]

I’m unsure what’s happening here. I have a similar setup on a Thinkpad, so either I goofed somewhere or this is a Framework / power management issue.

The laptop will go idle during use and suspend. For example, on this boot it first occurs at line 2475 and then again at line 3100 in my journal. That’s about a half hour apart.

I am on Arch 6.7.0 and using power-profiles-daemon-patched-amd-git (0.13-3). This occurs when on battery or with power.

Any ideas on where to start digging? Is this a known issue? Thanks.

This can be a magnet (bracelet of a watche) on top of the lid sensor on the bottom left side just below the keyboard.

This already happened to many of us…

Interesting! I’ve been currently sitting on a bare desk with bare arms, so I don’t think that’s it. My phone is the only other object I’ve handled, and it doesn’t seem to set off the sensor. I’ll monitor and test that when I get a chance though.

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Just happened a third time. Again, almost exactly a half hour later. I have a logind.conf setting to suspend after 30 minutes, so now the suspend is less questionable. But why does my system think it’s idling?

└─❯ cat /etc/systemd/logind.conf.d/override-laptop.conf 

Was thinking Magnets as well, I wonder if you can test and see if it’s also happening on a live fedora 39?

Just for a sanity check, could you see if lengthening this resolves the problem? There may be an issue with systemctl?


Changed it to 60min, rebooted, and it suspended after 60min while in use. Not sure what gives.

Opened a thread on the Arch forum.

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