[RESPONDED] Wifi Upgrade - CNVIO and CNVIO2 Support

Does the Framwork Laptop Support CNVIO or CNVIO2 so we can upgrade our wifi module to an intel ax211 or ax411?
More Information at https://www.intel.com/content/www/us/en/support/articles/000026155/wireless.html.

We support cnvi electrically, but have only done full validation with AX201 on the 11th gen mainboard.

It should work.


You mean the CNVio2 standard right?
I think all Intel AX**1 cards use the second generation, which is unfortunately not backwards compatible.

Could Framework actually sell the Intel AX411 card on the marketplace?
You can’t buy it as an end user.

FYI, I tried installing an AX411 in my 11th Gen Framework, and it was not detected at all in Fedora 36.

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I’m hoping this Amazon seller isnt doing a bamboozle but I bought an ax411 and it doesn’t seem to work. Manually selecting the driver downloaded from Intel leads to a Code 10. When I get home I’m putting this into my Nuc11 to see if it works there.

Framework 11th gen 1135g7 Win10 21h2

edit: for funsies I got vPro and non vPro versions of the AX211 and it acts the same way- no workie in my Gen11 Framework or NUC11 (which should support vPro)

Not really? (on 11th Gen Intel - see below) :man_shrugging:t4:

Although both the AX411 and Killer AX1690i promise a lot of good features and upgrades on paper (and most people would love to use it as a replacement in Framework), it also requires a more modern processor/chipset (12th Gen or newer).

Most sellers are now displaying this warning:

WARNING!! ONLY compatible with 12th+ Gen Intel CPU-based systems. REQUIRES: Linux or Windows 10/11 64-bit systems, with CNVio2 interface, PC must have available M2 Slot with Key E. Suitable to replace AX201, AX211, or AX411 ONLY – AS LONG AS YOUR SYSTEM MEETS ALL OTHER REQUIREMENTS

Even on the part page on the marketplace for the AX211, they say:

Only compatible with the Framework Laptop (12th Gen Intel® Core™).

It would be useful if Framework went further and wrote a simple paragraph (a bit less ambiguous as the phrase above) as to why it only works with only 12th Gen (and newer) Intel Processors…


What is “CNVi”?

Intel® Integrated Connectivity (CNVi) and Companion RF Module (CRF)

Why is it used?

It moves key elements of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth into Intel processors.
The solution is comprised of:
( 1 ) - CNVi, the integrated wireless IP portion of Intel processors
( 2 ) - A companion RF module (CRF) in M.2 form factor

As part of the processing and management of the WiFi system is done by the main CPU on all these Intel modules (AX201, AX211, AX411, AX1690i, etc), it absolutely requires a compatible CNVio2 (or CNVio, for the older ones) processor/chipset (Intel only) in the machine.

Intel says: “Though you can insert these modules into a standard M.2 Key E socket, they are only compatible with a system designed for the CNVi.”

The table below shows which chipset supports which CVNi generation.

Intel Chipset Supported CNVi System Interface Type
Intel 300 series M.2: CNVio
Intel 400 series M.2: CNVio and CNVio2 (CNVio2 support only for models AX101, AX201, AX203)
Intel 500 series (same as 400 series)
Intel 600 series M.2: CNVio and CNVio2

You can always use Intel ARK to discover which version of CNVi your specific module model requires.

I hope this helps people who want to upgrade their WiFi Card further along to better understand the requirements for that upgrade. :+1:t3: :slightly_smiling_face:


I can confirm that the Intel AX411 works on the 12th Generation Boards. I have an i5 board (
Mainboard (12th Gen Intel® Core™) - i5-1240P) and switched my AX201 for AX411 and installed the latest driver and its all working fine.