Retrofit Ultra-series cooler

Hi! I was wondering, whether it is possible to use the new beefy cooler designed for Intel Core Ultra on previous generations of mainboards to reduce noise and thermal load.

Obviously, thermal pads need to be adjusted accordingly, but main things in question are the mounting screws and voltage regulators placement.

Of course, I expect that to be full DIY, own risk, no warranty, etc.

Ok, by using highly scientific method of pixel matching I ended up with the following:

Here you can see the old gen12 cooler put on top of a red outline of the ultra’s cooler.

Looks like screw holes are exactly the same or at least very close. However, there are differences in thermal interface around the CPU. The main question is, would it affect anything.

Flicking between the coolers on the parts page here: Framework | Heatsink and Fan Kit

They all look very similar in terms of shape and mounting. However I am aware that a laptop CPU die is exposed and the various CPUs may well have different cooler mounting heights.

So I just wanted to confirm if there is any inter-compatibility between coolers - specifically in my case wondering about the new Intel cooler and it’s compatibility with AMD boards.

edit: Thanks to mods for merge, didn’t find this topic. Hopefully this can be answered!