Reverse Engineering Pop OS! EGPU support for Fedora

I’m conflicted right now. I just distro hopped to Pop OS! from Fedora because I couldn’t get my egpu to be recognized or display at all. So far, Pop OS! has worked very smoothly automatically switching to my egpu on boot without having to use x-org scripts or doing tickering. The dilemma is that I hate gnome and most of my experience is very handicapped compared to fedora (kde spin). The gpu perfomance for Pop OS! is super good for an egpu but outside of it there are weird stuttering while typing and watching videos every other 5 seconds when doing anything, plus you have to deal with all the gnome bull$#!! that locks down basic functionality.

I"m wondering if anyone might know of a way of extracting or reverse engineering the gpu script that Pop OS! uses to use the egpu and use it in Fedora?

Update: Seems to be happening more so after leaving the system on for an extended period of time. Not too sure why that would be the case, I use to leave my fedora install running for days and this wouldn’t happen, probably missing something

Update: weird stuttering has gone away, but had to remove all the extensions that made things usable