Run on AC (non BIOS)

This is just kinda a quick question about disabling battery charging. I know that in the BIOS you can disable the charging and run directly off the charger, but I was wondering if there exists (or will ever exist) the ability to do this in OS. I figure the answer is no, but I’m not nearly as knowledgeable in this area.

Unplug the battery.

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That’s not really what I was asking. I was hoping for a way to easily switch between battery and AC since I keep my laptop docked frequently. A way to switch in OS would be real convenient for that instead of using BIOS. I still need battery power from time to time.

The BIOS has a battery limit feature, just use that

Cap charge to 80% and you’ll be fine

I assume you want this to avoid needless battery wear? That’s what this feature is for

As @DHowett explores the embedded controller there may someday be a way to change this in the OS, but it does not seem like you can do it without using the BIOS as of now.