Running multiple VMs on the Framework

Has anyone tried running multiple VMs on the i5 variant of the laptop with 16gb of RAM? Can you describe how the laptop handles it and the performance?

I have run 3 VMs (2 Linux and 1 Windows) using Hyper-V (Windows 11) just fine (16GB Ram but non-vpro i7 variant). Hyper-V is very good at sharing resources, my memory sits at 90% usage on the host (because of the resources I assigned) but yeah, no noticeable issues.

How about with VirtualBox and VMware?

@john_doe I have a windows 10 VM running in Opensuse Tumbleweed using the KVM hypervisor. Runs great, performance is decent, sound works everything is running smoothly.

32gb ram here running i7-1165G7 @ 2.80GHz

I have rhel8, rockylinx, windows10 and ubuntu VMs using KVM, libvirt, qemu all under Almalinux. I have i7-1165G7 with 16gb RAM. No issues at all and running great. Not all VMs running everytime in laptop. Just 1 VM as FTP service. I switch, remove create and add VMs to do some testing.

So my config is an i7/32GB model - different from tlwhat you’re asking about. But I can confirm that Virtualbox and Hyper-V work great on my system. I use both simultaneously for different reasons.

I cannot speak for VMware.