Ryzen 7040U Undervolting

Anybody know if we’ll be able to undervolt the Ryzen CPUs, whether through BIOS or Ryzen Master? My biggest complaint about my Intel 11th was the way the fans would sometimes ramp up for no reason, and we were locked out of undervolting it.

Maybe it can be done with GitHub - DavidS95/Smokeless_UMAF

Linking these as well as they seem promising:

UXTU is Windows only currently.

RyzenAdj has an open issue for 7040 series support.

Also bumping this thread as some people have received their AMD! I’m looking forward to testing undervolting when I receive my mainboard.

BIOS level would be sweet, though.

Reviews are saying fans are way lighter on the ryzen, so it may not be necessary

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Definitely should just for the battery life improvements. Might also be able to eke out more performance.

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