Ryzen - issues with wsl

I’ve a ryzen 13 laptop, so far going really well.

Installed wsl and it crashes with error 0x80370102, per windows documentation it means virtualization is not enable in the bios.

Checked that I’ve the last version however there seems not to be nonevirtualization option.

Appreciate any help to get this working as it’s a deal breaker for my daily work.


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Are you on win 11 home? IIRC Home needs extra hoops to install the hyper v components to make WSL work. I think this error is an OS software error, not a hardware one (I’ll be getting a Ryzen 13 tomorrow and setting up win11+wsl2 is going to be the first thing I’ll do… If I figure it out first I’ll post here as well :slight_smile:).

There shouldn’t be any hoops to jump through, it should just work.

Very odd, considering WSL works fine on my FW13 AMD. That being said, I didn’t do a fresh install of Windows when I upgraded, so it’s the same installation of WSL from who knows how long ago.

Try running bcdedit /enum | findstr -i hypervisorlaunchtype to see if Windows reports hypervisor launch as “on”

If you see hypervisorlaunchtype Off, then try running bcdedit /set hypervisorlaunchtype Auto, then reboot.

I pulled this from Troubleshooting Windows Subsystem for Linux | Microsoft Learn, so your mileage may vary.

So I got my Framework 13 today (yay!) and… WSL worked fine for me on a fresh install of win11 (pro). wsl --install, reboot, and ubuntu was available. I didn’t have to do anything anywhere in the BIOS (but I do have the current 3.03 BIOS version).

Same, I don’t remember having to do anything in the BIOS and I bought the board standalone since I already had Framework 13 with the 11th gen Intel motherboard, so I’m assuming virtualization should be on by default anyhow.

Thanks with this it’s now working ! Really appreciate the help !