Sales in the EU

I’m in the market for a laptop in the coming weeks, and the Framework Laptop works the best for my needs.

However, buying in the US and shipping to the EU costs 50% customs, plus around €100 shipping. That puts my total price over 3k, and that’s way too much over other manufacturers.

I’m wondering if you there’s a timeline for selling to the EU?

How it can cost 50% in customs? You’ll more pay around 20% in VAT, around 80-100$ in shipping and a very small percentage in customs fee.

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this has been answered here:

I’ve no idea where you are, but I’ve checked carefully at my local custom’s website and that’s very clear. I’ve have ordered things abroad before too. Customs for something of this value is 50%.

Not really, this clarified that they wouldn’t ship at the time, but no reference to any timeline.

Which, yeah, is not a super specific timeline.

I would argue that “before the end of the year” would be a rough timeline for adding international shipping options.

I’m in France, the estimate is way below for me.

@Hugo_H_Barrera So i can confirm to you, i just paid 197,50€ in customs for the laptop (plus $83 in shipment fee from Shipito), for a delivery in France.

So way lower than the 50% of the price of the laptop.