Availability on German Market

This is the Laptop I was always dreaming of!

When will it be available im german language area?
We have a huge demand for green technology that can be repaired and upgraded whenever you want. Since we don’t have a repairability law like France does.

Is there any chance to get the US version in summer 2021?

All the best,


I would offer to do all repair and upgrade videos in german for you, for free!
I’d really love to see it on the german Market!


@L_Ge Would definetily help you if we get our hands on the Laptop early.

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We do have the certifications necessary to import the Framework Laptop to the EU and many other areas, but we will only be shipping to and supporting customers in the US and Canada this summer. We’ll be adding additional countries before the end of the year. We’re glad to see your interest!


Just wanted to add my support for availability in Germany/Europe! I totally understand that the first few batches should be shipped in US/Canada to make returns easier to handle, but once the first batches have shown their robustness, a Europe release would be a great way to scale up!

I’m sure others have mentioned this before, but you could consider talking to Fairphone as a Europe distribution partner. They are very much aligned with your ideals, could be a great fit!


How about using US shipping forwarding service like the following website? Though I have not used it, I just found it.

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Thanks, but the calculator says shipping to Germany would cost about 600/700$, that might be no option for me :sweat_smile:

Question at the FrameWork Team:
What might shipping cost later when the Laptop is availlable on the european market?

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Part of why we sequenced Europe later this year is to give us the time to build efficient logistics solutions to enable lower shipping costs.


I am not sure about other EU countries, but I am quite sure that German requires consumer products like this one to be warranted for two years (not just one). That’s something to consider when entering the market in Germany.

As an American living in Germany I hope all the kinks can be worked out. I had to buy a new laptop a couple of years ago and was frustrated beyond belief that I could not buy a laptop with a “sensible” QWERTY keyboard. I ended up having a QWERTZ keyboard shoved down my throat. There’s not a day goes by that I don’t curse at it. :sweat_smile: :joy: :rofl:

Hopefully your European customers can take their pick of keyboard configurations.


Thanks, but the calculator says shipping to Germany would cost about 600/700$, that might be no option for me

@L_Ge It’s expensive! Thanks for checking. I suppose if you have relatives or friends or colleagues in the US or Canada, you might be able to forward the shipping by yourself by your responsibility saving the cost, by delivering the laptop to them first.

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Thanks a lot for your support!

But I think I can wait untill it is availlable here, I am in homeoffice anyway right now and don’t need my Laptop that much :sweat_smile:

No problem. I was also looking for a way to deliver the laptop to Czech Republic at an affordable cost. :grinning:


Nice Community here, from all over the world :grinning:

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I calculated the cost by myself for example on the following page.

I think the 600/700 USD to Germany might be a mistake. It’s around 100 ~ 170 USD depending on the shipping vendors from US to Czech Republic. I can see a cheaper shipping cost less than 100 USD on other site.

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Hi, I’m from Belgium. I’d love to buy one too. Hopefully we can buy it from a EU partner/hub. Otherwise customs are extremely expensive here. I work in education and if it’s affordable this would be an interesting buy for our teachers as we hardly have money for decent computers. Let alone a couple new ones. So we really need computers that last a very long time. If we can buy in the EU, without customs I can’t wait to get one.
I would love touchpad buttons and maybe a port extra. Good luck with the project!

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Welcome to the community M_Millecamps!
Sustainability ist an big issue for whole europe, nice that it has also arrived in Belgium!

I could think of whole administrations saving money by using Framework laptops. If there ist any defekt, the IT admin just hast to change the broken parts. If any employee needs an upgrade, it’s done in a few minutes.
Also really interesting for schools as you mentioned.

In Germany they have partly bought devices of Apple for pupils. As we can see, there could be enough money for sustainability instead!

Greetings from Germany!

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Hi L_Ge I’m the IT admin. (used to teach) and indeed fixing all kinds of brands that we got from people for free is a lot of work. Sometimes you have to take the whole
laptop apart to reach the hard disk and remove the keyboard (that stops working -a couple of keys) when you insert it back again. Swapping hard drives is easy on most older models. Just some screws at the back and that’s it. But newer models are much harder to open you need time, care and sometimes luck. It’s like Apple products. They make it harder to fix. Mostly we have 5-10 yr old computers at our primary schools. And lots of SSD’s and manual work :sunglasses:.

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If you are not happy to wait, you could always try Mail Boxes etc (https://www.mbeglobal.com/). I live in Panama and often order things from Amazon US. Amazon delivers to Mail Boxes in Miami who forward ship them to me at very reasonable rates. A small package can be as little as $4.01 here. I imagine it will be significantly more to countries in Europe and it depends on whether they have an office near to you. They will also deal with Customs. It may be worth your contacting them. Bear in mind, though, that you will not have warranty protection from Framework that way. There are other mail forwarding companies but this is one I know.

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@nrp , there are markets that piggy-back on the US that probably don’t require a huge amount of effort, though I confess there may not be many sales. I’m thinking mainly about markets like Hong Kong, which I believe has import laws that allow you to basically ship as if it were the US. Are there low-hanging fruit like this to reduce the inevitable frustration of non-US residents at yet another North America-only product release that gets us all excited only to have to wait months or even years?

Some day we’ll write a blog post about international certifications, customs, and logistics. It’s amazingly complex to do things that seem straightforward. It’s amazing anything gets around at all!