Screen freezing/jumping, Pop!_OS 22.04

Hi everyone!

I’ve been having an issue with my display under linux (doesn’t seem to affect Windows, so probably not a HW problem per se). This happens with both Wayland and X.

Every few seconds, the display will freeze completely; then, within about a second, it’ll make a vertical ‘jump’, before un-freezing. This issue is intermittent (I’ve gone hours without it happening at all, then it’ll start happening again seemingly at random), and it only affects the laptop’s internal display (it’s frozen pretty badly once, while connected to an external display, and the external display was fine).

Has anyone else experienced this? How’d you solve it?

My specs are: i7-1260p, Samsung SSD 980 1TB, 16GB RAM. Running Pop!_OS 22.04 LTS, Gnome 42.5. No fractional scaling or HiDPI daemon activated.


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I’m sure someone else has a better idea, but while you’re waiting, here’s the only one that comes to mind for me: what kernel version are you on? I heard that you need at least 5.18 for proper support for Alder Lake’s hybrid core architecture, and that Pop!_OS 22.04 uses a lower version by default. Perhaps take a look?


@Jacob_Padgett thanks for the tip, but I’m on kernel 6.0.6.

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Which applications are you running when this happens? Is Chrome one of the applications by chance? Also, are you comfortable with looking at dmesg from a terminal after an event and it corrects itself?

I installed Arch on my Framework and had the same issue. The default kernel for Arch at this time is 6.0.9. When I dropped back to the LTS kernel (5.15.79) the problem disappeared. I’ve had no problems whatever since.
Every time there is an update to the 6 kernel I try it again. So far no luck. I’m curious if anyone else has linked this problem to kernel 6.x

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@Matt_Hartley I’ve never been running Chrome when it’s happened (I’m normally a Firefox user). Applications have been Telegram Desktop, Discord, Firefox, VSCode… that’s about all I can remember. It does persist for a seemingly random time after I close every application though. Next time it happens I’ll have a look at dmesg and post the results (not sure how long it’ll take before it happens again). Thanks!