Screen Goes Black when turning on sometimes after RAM upgrade

Basically, i got a 2x16 from crucial to replace my 2x8 from Framework. After upgrading, i had a number of issues which led to me putting the old kit back in, booting on the one stick at a time, going into the bios, and finally i got the laptop to recognize everything, but now, sometimes when i turn the laptop on from a shut down or restart, it might just freeze, turn to black screen, and force me to shut down and turn on again. And sometimes if it does not do this, if i use the fingerprint reader it will do that exact thing, but immediately black screen. It does not do this from sleep, or lock, or when I use the pin to log in. It doesn’t really bother me that much, or at least enough to bother support, I am primarily creating this to either find others who might have had the same issue, though if someone has a solution I am all ears (or, i guess eyes).