Screen Resolution not displaying correctly on Linux Mint

Hi all,
My Batch 6 laptop arrived yesterday. I got the Intel AX210 wifi card.

I am trying to install Linux Mint 20.2 MATE edition, but ran into some hardware issues.
A. With the default kernel (2.4), the touchpad and Wifi do not work. It is expected that the WiFi would not work, since it became part of the kernel starting at 2.10. However, when I upgrade the kernel, WiFi works but…
B. The screen resolution at 2256x1504 3:2 stops working - the option is there at a much lower refresh rate, but the actual resolution I see is not 2256x1504. Everything is much larger.

I do not know what is causing this issue…Is there a way to have all 3 (Touchpad, Resolution, WiFi) work at the same time?

Thank you!

Copying from my Reddit reply (to your post):

Yeah, 5.4 is way too old for good hardware support. You’ll want at least 5.10, and a lot of the wifi/bluetooth bugs have been ironed out in, like…5.15?

Which desktop environment are you using? Are you using X11 or Wayland?

If it’s Gnome (as I suspect) and Wayland, then it’s likely defaulting to a scale of 2.0 (rather than 1.0, which might have been the earlier default), since Gnome disables fractional scaling by default. I use sway as my Wayland compositor and setup fractional scaling (1.5) and it all “Just Works”.

You can check if it’s X11 or Wayland by opening up a terminal and typing loginctl session-status and looking at the ‘Service’ line.

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