Screen 'Snow' in BIOS on i7-1370P

I just replacde the mainboard on my Framework 13 with the 13th gen Intel i7-1370P (The laptop started out 11th gen, I upgraded to the 12 gen mainboard, and now to 13th gen - I have not had this problem with any other mainboard.)

When I first boot, while still in the BIOS, I get ‘snow’ on the screen - flickering regions of random pixels. It works okay otherwise - I can boot into my OS, enter the UEFI settings, etc., but the snow remains until the Linux kernel (6.1.80 in my case) takes over. Once it’s in the OS, everything is fine, no more snow.

My best guess is that the BIOS is trying to drive the panel at the wrong refresh rate, but I can’t see anyplace in the BIOS settings to change this nor can I find anything else in this forum.

Does anyone know what’s going on with this?

I would recommend trying to reseat your display cable.

Alas, I’ve tried that a few times. I suppose it’s possible there is damage to my cable or connector, but since it’s flawless once booted into the OS, I think it’s unlikely to be a cable or connector issue.