"Screenshot" keyboard shortcut?

Sorry if this is covered elsewhere, but I’m having the most annoying issue with keyboard shortcuts and haven’t seen anything that clearly answers it (though I may be searching using the wrong terminology). I have the 13" running windows.

Essentially, I continuously trigger the “screenshot” keyboard shortcut while typing. I’d say it happens once every 5 minutes - and I can’t for the life of me figure out what I’ve typed to make it happen. Can I turn it off? It’s supremely annoying.

Thanks for any help in advance,

The screenshot key is the F11 key, so if you’re sure you’re not hitting that accidentally when typing, the other option is that something is faulty in your keyboard and you should ask support (probably for a replacement). It might also be worth a try to check all the internal keyboard connectors and cables for damage.

It’s definitely not normal.

Maybe you’re somehow triggering the shift-windows-s screenshot shortcut? I’ve noticed that the control key on my Framework sometimes gets stuck thinking it’s pushed down and the computer starts going crazy as I’m typing, activating all sorts of ctrl-key combos!

Maybe the same thing can happen for the windows key?

The way I resolve the stuck control key problem is to just press each control key a few times.

Super helpful - thank you All!

I’ll check internals and see if that resolves it. Pretty sure I’m not pressing the function or windows key, so next step will be support.

Your quick replies are much appreciated!