Second DOA in a row? AMD 13

I think I have recieved my second DOA system in a row. Are there any quality issues with the AMD laptops? Or do I just have bad luck?

A while ago I got my first DIY Framework 13 with AMD processor. After a bunch of testing I had to return the laptop as it did not start.
After pressing the power button the fan would spin for a second and nothing would happen. Nothing on the screen, no signal on hdmi. After a little while the debug leds would flash, all green for the hardware. The laptop would just sit there and get a little warm.
Framework never reported what the issue was.

Yesterday I built the second laptop and ran into similair problems. After pressing the power button nothing happens. Nothing on the screen, no signal on hdmi. Then the debug leds flash green for the hardware. After a while the fan starts spinning real fast! Then it slows down and starts spinning fast again. This loop of spinning fast and slow just keeps on going.

The m2 drive I am using works, I have tested this on my desktop.
For the first laptop I used Kingston memory, for the second G.Skill. Both memory kits are 32 GB and on the list of approved models.

That’s always a bummer.

It could be that they didn’t find any problem once they had it back and that was too embarrassing to say after they had sent a replacement. as they couldn’t find the fault remotely ??

There’s no good luck. There’s karma and being free to accept an unknown future. Those future can be daunting but you can grow.

Sorry about the philosophy but it’s all I can offer :speak_no_evil:

This might be a long shot, but this technique fixes a myriad of hardware-related problems. It has fixed odder ones that this, could be worth a try.

If you do try it, please report back whether it worked or not.