Secure Box dbx Configuration Update in Fedora 36

I got an available update in Gnome Software using Fedora 36, is it ok to update? is this coming from Framework?

This is safe and recommended, but it is not coming from Framework.

The dbx is a database of invalid secure boot hashes—things that should not be allowed to run on a secure UEFI-based system—that is shared between manufacturers and operating system developers. Updating it keeps you safe from your boot security being broken by somebody plugging in a USB drive with an old, insecure version of certain software.


Good to know, thanks!

Let Software Center do this update on my Fedora 36 and it has been updating for over 30 minutes. It appears to be stuck. What do I do.

I left my computer and went to sleep. When I came back the update was still running. But then new updates were there. So i updated those. This Secure box update was left for last. So I ran it again. This time it installed with no problems. So I’m all good.