"Secure PCI Config" access violation when using Speccy

Hey all,

I like to use the app Speccy as an easy way to view a computer’s specs, as it does a good comprehensive job at listing everything.

I just purchased my Framework 13 laptop and I installed Windows 11. I also installed the Framework 13 drivers from Framework’s website.

Soon after getting it all and running, I installed Speccy. Upon running Speccy, I received a BSOD with the following error: SECURE_PCI_CONFIG_SPACE_ACCESS_VIOLATION

I’m not sure if the bug is within Speccy’s code, or if the bug is within the Framework drivers, but a quick Google search indicated that it is possible for drivers to be an issue here. Is there a way to report this issue to the Framework driver dev team?

Has anyone else experienced a similar issue? For now I simply just won’t run Speccy, and hopefully I don’t run unto this issue with any other apps.

I think this is an issue with speccy, not framework. You can find multiple people who’ve had this issue on other PCs through google.

Framework does not develop their own drivers, the bundle on their website is a collection of the 3rd party drivers for all the components in the laptop. If you want to let the company know about issues with the driver pack, you should create a support ticket.


If you’d like to see if you can resolve this, even if only temporarily, try disabling Virtual Based Security in W11. It’s likely on by default. Read the three links below discussing this. What’s really unfortunate is how Microsoft is not handling this issue gracefully. A BSOD is not a customer friendly way to handle an access violation they introduced as they lock down security in W11.

Read here from Microsoft

And more on why this occurs

And how to disable VBS

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