[Semi-solved] KDE power settings (kde_powerdevil) fails on AMD 7040U: "Charge thresholds are not supported by the kernel for this hardware"

I recently upgraded my Intel 11th board to AMD and (almost) everything went just fine. Until I decided to set the charge threshold in BIOS to 80. Now the KDE power managment daemon bails out issuing
“Charge thresholds are not supported by the kernel for this hardware”
I updated to BIOS Version 03 (after the problem came up) and I changed back the threshold to 100 - but the problem persists.

I am running kernel 6.5.9-arch2-1 and I also tried the current LTS 6.1.61-1 kernel.
Problem is, all energy settings are unavailable as it is; even simple ones such as display brightness.

Any Idea what may cause the problems and how I could resolve it? Just to be clear, everything has been working for two weeks already, just until I changed the threshold in BIOS.

Bonus question: how would I normally adjust the charging threshold from within linux? “fw_ectool”, which worked on Intel, seems to no longer do the trick.

I found a solution. It may have to to with this bug. I happened to have a somewhat older powerdevil version (5.27.6) with ddc support installed from AUR. It may have become incompatible with the latest plasma packages. Once I replaced it with the current version (5.27.9) I got all settings dialogues and tray icon controls back.

The message about missing charge threshold control in the kernel is still there though, probably rightfully so. And I am still curious if there is a way to set this value from userspace somehow…

I was able to build a working ectool for my AMD Ryzen Framework 13, and the “fwchargelimit” command seems to work. see Exploring the Embedded Controller - #119 by pierce

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