Shift Keys are not working

My shift keys stopped working. This is the second time. The 1st time it was a sticky keys setting, now it seems more like a hardware issue. I tested a logitech wireless keyboard and it works fine. Sticky keys is turned off. I removed the keyboard from Device Manager and rebooted. No change. I am going to test putting drivers from another computer later today. This is so annoying.
OS is Windows 10.
I submitted a support ticket and currently waiting for a response.
Let me know if you know how to fix this.

Try reseating the input cover connector.

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I got the shift keys working again. I changed the keyboard layout to another English version and it tested good so I switched it back to US English and that test good too. So strange Glad I did not have to take it apart.

I would like to know why its happening. I have 4 other computers and none of the others have experienced this problem.
Other than this issue and a few random screen anomalies I really like the laptop
I hope this is the last time I experience this shift key problem.

Weird, sounds like a software/OS issue.

It does sound like one of those really weird oddities that just randomly occurs sometimes. Certainly no reason for it I can think of if simply changing the keyboard layout sorted it!

Well the fix was very temporary. Shift keys no longer work and changing the keyboard layout no longer works. Maybe I do need to try re-seating the keyboard cable. Anybody think that could be the problem- all other keys work okay so am not sure its worth it.

It’s very simple to do, just follow the guide I sent from step 1 and skip step 6. The laptop is designed to be opened after all.

I would be sad for any Framework laptop that wasn’t opened at least once :slight_smile:


Since a different keyboard works at seems like hardware. But I will try a live boot disk to see if that works. Any suggestions for a live Linux distro I have Cinnamon Mint already.
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Update; Solved
So I was checking on something else and saw this old post & realized I should update it. Framework support ended up sending me a new keyboard which fixed the shift key problem. So it was hardware after all. Weird thing I discovered it had a copper fragment fell out of the socket for the ribbon cable when I was removing it to install the replacement. So looks like it was an assembly problem. Second weird thing is now the tilde key has a glitch. It will not type unless its held down for 1 second then types this many ~~~~~~ characters. Its not a big deal for me since I dont really use the tilde key much.