Shocks on the corner of new Framework 16

I just got my Framework 16 DIY yesterday. Last night when I was installing software, I felt a tingly sensation on my wrist. It felt weird and when I pressed my wrist fully on the corners of the laptop, it gave me a big shock that jolted my arm up.

Is this happening to anyone else?

I am trying to isolate it. So far it seemed to be near the lower corners of the laptop. Where the wrists rest on when typing.

It’s this corner:

Could it be your wrist hairs getting caught in the panel gaps? I don’t have a FW16 but I’ve heard people mention this happening before.

Is your laptop properly grounded? If you have a multimeter you can check the voltage of the chassis

Adding on to that – what power supply is in use? Presumably this only happens when it’s plugged in to AC, is that with the Framework power adapter, or a 3rd party one? Does the AC lead have a ground pin? If so, does the chassis show short to ground when on AC? Alternatively, if the AC adapter is plugged into the laptop, but not plugged into the wall, does the chassis read short to the ground pin?

Is there anything that might cause static electricity (like wool or polyester) in the area?

And do you have the same issue if you swap the spacers (right and left)?

Are you using our 180 W adapter?

Are you plugging your power adapter into a grounded power outlet?


I was thinking the initial tingly was my wrist get scratched by the panel gaps. But the main shock was strong enough that my arm bounced off. Also, my inside wrist have no hair.

I was using the power supply provided by Framework. It was plugged in properly to a 3 prong grounded outlet. But I made a mistake of plugging in the USB-C to the back of the laptop first. To where the USB-C for the display was dedicated. Would that energize the laptop?

I was just wearing a cotton shirt and sweat pants.

I got reply from FrameWork. Hopefully it’s not a critical problem so I can keep the laptop.

Such a shock is more likely that you have gathered static and it is being discharged through the aluminium case to earth via the power supply.

When not plugged in this can’t happen, unless you attache a wire between the chassis and ground, which could confirm.

If it was a power leak it would be constant.

I doubt the chassis will gather that much static but you try and measure if it does.

All the best

The FrameWork support contacted me and I agree that it may be the static discharged from the initial un-boxing. I haven’t felt the tingly sensation since the first day and I hope that’s a one-off thing.

Will continue to use the laptop. Will check if I get shocked again. Hopefully that will never happen.

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I’ve pin pointed the problem of Framework 16 shocks. It’s related to my old MSI laptop. I get shocks only on the 2 occasions when I was transferring data between my old MSI MS-16W1 laptop and the new Framework 16 DIY lapto. I get the tingly sensation when I get close to bridging my wrist between the 2 laptops. Got a big jolt the first time and got the tingly sensation the second time.

Both laptops were powered by the same power bar.

I’m going to find another laptop to test out on to see if the discharge is caused by my old MSI laptop or the new FrameWork laptop.