Shop in Germany

I missed to buy an expansion card (10Euro) I would need to pay 12 Euro in post an packages. Is there a framework-shop in Germany/EU I could by from?

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No. Only the store on the site.

Which card do you need?

Check the shipping costs to Germany from frame-parts. They are located in the UK.

I had a look and the expansion card is more expensive as is shipping (13.18€ to Germany).

Just to be abundantly clear, this is a 3rd party solution not affiliated with Framework.

Framework does have a distribution center (I think that is the right term) in Germany. I have gotten parts and mainboards from them in Germany.

Shipping costs are high, however, and the reason for this has been discussing here in several places, as well as the acknowledgement from Framework and their efforts to lower the costs.

I understood they have recently opened a distribution centre in the Netherlands to service all of Europe including the UK. It roughly halves the P&P cost compared to shipping from Taiwan.

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