Should I buy a regular framework and install chromeOS, or buy the specific Chrome OS version?

Hello! I already own a framework, but now i have a relative that needs a media consumption machine. contemplating buying a new framework and putting CHromeOS, but I noticed theres a chromeOS specific version of the framework. i dont really get it. i suppose the dedicated chromeOS keyboard…?

my worries are that I’ll lose the portability of swapping out the mainboard in a few years if i go for the chrome specific version. also. media consumption is important. so i want nice speakers. should i go for the speaker upgrade as well?

This could be an option worth pursuing ChromeOS Flex: Our Cloud-Based Operating System - ChromeOS

The Chrome Framework Laptop has a few different components that make it a Chromebook.

If I remember right, the BIOS is from coreboot, the camera, fingerprint reader, and something else is different hardware wise. There were a few topics people asked about this in the past.

A Framework Chromebook is really overkill if it is just for Media consumption. A $300 Chromebook should do all the basic things for just watching Media.