Shout out to Nirav

Have to shout out to @nrp my first laptop was DOA, because of either a processor or mainboard issue, but Nirav helped me troubleshoot it and was able to get a replacement out to me quickly, new mainboard is working great and I’ve been very much enjoying this laptop, its everything I was hoping for and more! Great product from a great team with great product support. All around great job guys, keep up the good work!


Thanks! It takes a village to raise a laptop… or something. It’s a team effort across @Jehan_Suleman , @L_Mit , @Kieran_Levin , and others here at Framework for every new issue we get in, debug, and provide replacement parts around. We’re also growing our Support team if anyone is interested:


I think I already emailed you guys about this, but if you’re ever looking to increase your security posture let me know and I can submit my resume. I’m experienced in opensource and low cost solutions that provide great visibility into the environment like sysmon, ELK, and alienvault’s OSSIM. I have 4 years of Incident Response experience and have certifications in Incident response, Mac and iOS forensics, and Penetration Testing.

I have to say the same, thanks @nrp and @Jehan_Suleman, my first was DOA as well and am now up and running on some seriously spectacular hardware. Thanks a million.