Side audio port - headset only or headset with Mic?

Is the side audio port for output to a headset or speakers only? Or does it also have an input that would work with a headset with microphone? (like cellphone headset)

It’s a 3.5mm TRRS connector like on cellphones. So it will work with headphones or with headsets.


I have a refinement of this question, then. Can we have one mic input via bluetooth and another through headset? I have a class next week where we are advised to have one microphone for voice and another for tone input.


@Stan_McIntosh You can have multiple audio inputs. You could use the audio port, and also add a USB and/or Bluetooth Mic and they would all be seen as separate inputs. There is also a built in Mic by the Webcam.

@Tim_Frayne , thank you so much!

Just a quick suggestion for folks who want multiple output and/or inputs… With easy control over them… I recommend using


I have been using it for years on all my computers (windows OS) and it works great… And the developer is right on top of any problems (like when MS fiddles around with a new update)

I use VoiceMeeter myself. You can control all inputs separately or combine them and have multiple inputs and outputs.

Yes, SoundSwitch is only for selecting the current input and output quickly … Which is all I need.

VoiceMeeter is great for mixing in addition for those that need it.