SIM/Cellular Module

A module for a Sim Card for cellular internet.

As for an antenna, either a plug for external or some add-in wiring.

Wouldn’t count on it anytime soon. However I did just set up a wifi hotspot from my phone.
Check out PDAnet+ if your carrier hates you.

I’m sure there’s a pretty decent sized user base that would like to have it.

This is what I do for my current laptop.

I know I can do that and I have. I would just like the option to not have to use my phone.

A LTE module has already been developed and you can purchase it however, it’s not cheap. openCom LTE – Framework Laptop LTE module - Store - Liberated Embedded Systems


really? I couldn’t seem to find it. Do you have a link?

I believe this is what was being referred to.


Thank you fucking awesome

Thank you everyone!!!

The creator of that LTE module is on the forum. And while he didn’t create a thread dedicated to his module, he does post about it in this thread, as well as answer questions