Simple power led color changing script

This is nothing complicated, but I like it better than on-screen battery indicators. I figured I’d share it here.

script link

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Actually, I tried the ectools led power ... at some point to try and see if it worked. The LED now remains solid white, even when the machine is suspended (previously it would pulse when suspended). This has persisted through reboots. Is there a way to let the LED revert to the old behaviour? Probably a hard reset (get all the batteries disconnected) would do the trick, but I’d hope for something less drastic.

I had the same problem after playing with the LEDs. I could resolve it by pressing the power button for 20 seconds. That resets the persistent EC memory.

Interesting. I haven’t run into that issue, and I play with the power led a lot. I have a 12th gen laptop, though. If y’all have 11th gen models, maybe the firmware has changed?

Yes. I’ve an 11th gen.

Thanks! That did the trick.