Sixth update on Framework Laptop 16 shipment timing

FWIW. I still can’t wait to receive the FW216 I’m in batch 4. I received this from AMD support regarding the support of 2x48s ddr-5600s (crucial).

Please note that AMD Ryzen 9 7940 HS is a laptop CPU and it supports max memory up to 256GB as per their specification.

However the supported memory will be vary from manufacture to manufacture hence I request you to please reach out to your laptop to verify the memory list of system.

Thank you for contacting AMD.

In order to update this service request, please respond without deleting or modifying the service request reference number in the email subject or in the email correspondence below.
Please Note: This service request will automatically close if we do not receive a response within 10 days and cannot be reopened.
If it is not feasible to respond within 10 days, feel free to open a new service request and reference this ticket for continued support.

Best regards,
AMD Global Customer Care


I can’t wait to get my very first Framework laptop. The Intel NUC I have currently is thrashing hard with the bad GNU/Linux NVIDIA drivers, overheating issues, and more. Bring forth the upgradable AMD goodness! Also, what gaudy stickers should I put on the lid?


I don’t know if it’s considered “gaudy”, but I’ve placed the emblem of Bass.EXE (from MegaMan Battle Network) on the lid of my previous laptops, and will be doing the same here! :+1:


We have a hypothesis that one of the causes of DPC_Watchdog_Violation on Framework Laptop 13 (AMD Ryzen 7040 Series) could be this same firmware issue. We are testing this out as part of the development process for the next 7040 Series BIOS update and will include the change if we find that it works. However, we believe that other general issues like a bad memory module for example could also trigger the same blue screen type.


Why I always run Memtest86+ for a round or two when I first get new memory.


I’m going to point you toward this main thread about this issue.

I understand where you are coming from here, but the problem with this statement is that a lot of us have tried all of the general troubleshooting steps (memtest, drivers, running without expansion cards, etc) to no avail. The freezes and blue screens are also not coming during activities that might help trigger a blue screen, like high activity or RAM usage.

It is becoming very frustrating to us as it seems Framework staff have turned all of their attention to the FW 16 and are neglecting the issues we are having with the brand new 13 series. There’s been little acknowledgment (this post of yours is the most acknowledgment we have gotten from anyone at Framework), no updates, and no transparency regarding the issue.


When will we get an update on the new shipping dates for the batches? I doubt that batch 8 will still be in Q1.

Or will the only update be the email saying that our order is ready to ship?


Our sustaining software development team is currently developing a BIOS update that contains the firmware change mentioned above.


I won’t be so bold as to claim that I have anywhere near that level of knowledge about how they run things, but the sense I got from meeting him gave me the impression that he prioritizes quality above all else. So I don’t know about if they get a lot of extra time, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they used any small amount of extra time to do additional QA before shipping out on schedule.


Ha yes … that does sound more likely when you say it like that doesn’t it

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Look like, based on the motherboard? Laptop manufacturer?

As much as I want to be as objective as possible, this is Framework. No other company is doing this, and it’s not a level playing field. For actual “obelisk” machines, they are ahead.


I am curious to see the reply about 96gb configuration, hopefully we will start to see peoples review and reports on that as the batches get released.

We have some people on the 13 AMD that have 96 GB,maybe try asking in that sub-fora.

There is also a thread about what RAM people have bought or are thinking of buying, and there is the ‘recommended RAM’ knowledgebase item where the Mushkin (sp?) 96GB has been tested.

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I am in batch one (just checked, it’s still “Order Status Pre-Order Confirmed”), and I did not receive any email from Framework about my batch being prepared. Is this normal? I haven’t been receiving all the Framework emails since I’m on the newsletter but don’t receive all the updates and I didn’t get the initial Starfield code until I contacted support. Is something wrong with my email provider?

I got the preparation email on Friday and said I would be charged in 3 business days. Today is Wednesday and still haven’t heard anything so I’m hoping by the end of the day I get an email about being charged (I have a basic config with nothing that should cause delays). Did anyone already get the getting charged email?

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@Ryan_Lynch You are indeed in Batch 1, and your order is labeled as such in our system. It sounds like you have issues receiving our emails as I can see that the emails were successfully sent. Please check spam folders and ensure your email was entered correctly by attempting to login to your Framework Account.


I’ve checked my email on my account, and I’ve checked my spam and Outlook quarantine, and there’s nothing there. Who can I contact to help resolve this issue? Is there a way to add a backup/CC email in addition to my main email?

interesting, my preorder status says I was charged but I didn’t get the email yet, hopefully that means everything is good and should be hearing something soon, cant wait!!!