Sleep does not sleep with power attached - Windows 10

The one step you can take further if that doesn’t work, is FORCE S3 standby and disable modern standby altogether. That WILL work for sure, but I am not sure about the repercussions of that as the hardware was not designed with S3 in mind. I did run Windows using S3 for a while though, and it seemed stable to me. I was using standby only if I knew I would be back in a few hours. Anything beyond that and I was and still am hibernating the machine.

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Make sure you have the [Screen off options] less than or equivalent to 5min

Thank you so much, that did the job! I don’t see any profits from modern standby anyway. I just checked my former laptop and my work laptop and they both only support S3. Never had a problem with that.

As far as I can tell S3 is stable on the framework laptop. From what i read if the laptop does not support it, it should crash directly after wake up and you would need to force shutdown. But as I said, for me it fully works.

I used this guide for deactivating modern standby.


the claims are big, however it never seem to work. Why does it never seem to work, I don’t know.

Why do you have to hack registry? Can’t you disable it from bios?