Slight bend on my hinge as well as my screen

I just noticed my screen slightly bended near middle as well as my laptop hinge. Is that normal? Has anyone had same issue before?

Maybe you can post soem images so ‘we’ can see the degree, but no, nothing bent on my V1 Btach 8

How long have you had the laptop and when did you notice it, it’s not like this can just happen without external force?

Not sure if you can see it since it’s just a little bit bent. Mine was 4th or 5th batch I think.

Yes definitely looks bent next to fast F6 key. Now is it working properly ?
I suppose a 1mm bent on the keyboard wouldn t do much. Now unbending this kind of think can be tedious x)

A misalignment of the hinges that force the bezel to bend, may be resolvable by adjusting the hinge seating. I doubt it a bent hinge.

I have managed to cause something like that by mis-routing some wires, but that was a different spot and very much my own doing.

Maybe try popping off the bezel and see if something looks out of order?

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See this ‘official’ image