Webcam cable too short for correct (over hinge) routing? [Solved]

Continuing the discussion from Hinge Replacement update!:

A little while after installing the new 4kg hinges I noticed that, with the lid closed, the back of the bezel/laptop was bulging a little on the right side when the lid is closed.

The TL;DR as far as I can see is that the routing specified in the relevant guide step is not possible, at least with my laptop. The cable is just a little too short, and the angle/location of its connection to the ribbon cable part of the run just too awkward, for an over-the-hinge routing as the guide specifies.

Under the hinge “works” however

The only way the webcam cable can be routed is under the hinge. That’s presumably the reason for the bulge: the cable is pressed between the hinge and the bezel, because it’s not supposed to be there. Cosmetics aside, those compression/decompression cycles on the cable can’t be a good thing.

I’m not sure how the cable was routed with the original hinges - I didn’t take “before” pictures.

I’ve opened a ticket wtih FW support but figured I’d ask the hive mind for any insights.

Over the hinge is the correct way. Don’t do it under the hinge…you’ll damage the cable.

Looking at the pictures again, one apparent difference is that the cable connection to the ribbon on my laptop (second pic above) is opposite - right hand side - to what the guide pictures show. Difference in this batch/production run?

Still doesn’t explain why this didn’t happen with the original hinges.

@Second_Coming I agree, over the hinge makes sense. But look at the way/orientation the webcam cable connects to the ribbon… Is that part flattened because it was previously under the hinge, and can in fact be pulled away for an over-the-hinge routing?

Image from Step 8 has the correct routing.

You need to follow the guide: Step 10.1 and 10.2. Hinge 90 degrees, then attach to the lid / top cover first.

Your last image from the first post shows you’re trying to do all 10.1, 10.2 and 10.3 at the same time…and that complicates things.

There’s a step missing between Step 10 and Step 11:
At the end of Step 10, the lid is 90 degrees from the bottom chassis. Step 11’s photos show the lid is 180 degrees from from the bottom chassis. There’s no hinge transition step mentioned from 90 to 180. This needs to be corrected in the guide.

LoL…your cable didn’t instantaneously shortened in length the moment you remove the original hinge.

@Second_Coming thanks for the push to RTFM more diligently. I revisited the relevant steps and routed things correctly.

I think I was trying to avoid too much un-channeling/re-channeling of the cables, maybe because of the bother that messing with the wifi antenna cables was back when I got the laptop (DIY - had to install the WLAN adapter).

The bulge is still there, but now doesnt’ depend on lid position and pressing lightly on it it gives way, so looks like no pressure on anything inside. I suppose things got permanently bent a bit, even the edge of the top cover’s aluminum has a very slight kink to it in that area. Hope the new top cover will be more resistant to deformation.

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