Slow Speeds AX211

I daily drive my 12th gen and upgraded the AX210 wifi card to AX211 because I was having connectivity stability issues. Now with the AX211 card things are modestly improved, if at all. I use Omada EAP610’s and from my S21 ultra the download speeds over WiFi are 3-4x what the laptop receives from the exact same location, tested in multiple locations. I’ve removed and reinstalled drivers, and confirmed in Window’s I’m on 802.11ax and 5ghz. Connection stability is also slower, seems to take too long to resolve the connection after waking from sleep. I’ve verified the antennas are connected properly though one of them was small struggle to get to stay on. I’m open to suggestions because this is super frustrating. Some have replaced their antenna assembly with a framework supplied one and some have added aftermarket antennas. What is the best route to go here?

For example. I just ran sequential tests from my laptop and from my phone

S21 Ultra Download = 161 Upload =14.1

Framework = 5.44 Upload = 24.43

Fanless PC with 2.5 GB NICs running opnsense as router. The rest of my network is very happy.