SN850 SSD Heatsink?

The SN850 SSD that provides as an option for the DIY kit is known to run hot. I purchased one for my kit and was wondering if anyone either at or others have tested the temps of the SSD in the laptop. Also is there any room for an SSD heatsink in the laptop?

@nrp Has done any temp testing to know if this will be an issue? I know people have already run into some issues with drives in the PS5 running hot without a heatsink due to airflow.

I have an 850 in my laptop and it doesn’t get to the point of throttling even running crystaldiskmark; the only time I’ve seen a NVME drive throttle during normal load without a heatsink is if its in a PCI-E slot adapter

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Good to know @bakedpatato thanks

Following. Curious about the heatsink. I’m looking at the WD SN750 w/heatsink and want to know if it’ll fit.

The Western Digital drives with heatsinks will be too thick to fit in the available area. Drives that just have a thin heatspreader would likely fit, though we haven’t tested any.


I’m using the Samsung 970 EVO, which has a heatspreader, and it fit just fine (just as a real-world datapoint).


I tried putting a SN850X with heatsink in mine just to confirm and it’s not even close to fitting. FYI.

I mentioned this in another thread but I tried using an aftermarket headspreader with a claimed mounting height of 0.75mm, my calipers measured it to be closer to 1mm, and it was definitely pressing against the keyboard tray.

May not have been enough to be a concern but personally I wasn’t comfortable using it in that state. Anything more than that is certainly not going to fit.

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