Software download page on the main Framework website

Hey, not sure what other users or Framework Team members think about this, but it seems like it would be helpful to have a section on the main Framework website for software downloads, specifically Drivers and Firmware update files. I personally almost missed the driver bundle when I first set up my laptop, and probably would have never found it if I wasn’t part of the forum community. I’ve also seen people on the Framework subreddit that have trouble finding those downloads. In my opinion, having these things only in the forum might lead to people who don’t want to get involved with a forum to miss them, and now that there are multiple threads with the original drivers, plus the driver/firmware betas, it can be easy to lose track of what the newest files are, or what is beta or released. This has gotten a bit long, but…
I think it would be helpful to have a page off of the forum to host links to the most recent released drivers/firmware files, and to better keep track of beta drivers/firmware so that we don’t have to keep track of all the forum posts, and wanted to see if others agreed!


That’d be really cool, and also maybe a verification system like valve does with their steamdeck to see how well it functions and what to stay away from.