Solar Charger / Solar Powerbank

Hello :slight_smile: I am really an absolut freshman regarding power delivery and charging from electronic devices. From what I got from this post in the forum ( USB-C charging - #3 by Kieran_Levin ) , is that the wonderful Framework will except all input voltages between 5V - 20V and charges from 60W+ down to 15W. I understand that 15W will not be enough to load the laptop during usage but to slow down the discharge or to load it turned off.

So now to my question does anybody have experience and even better recommendations on portable solarcharger or solar powerbanks for (the framework) laptop?

I am looking forward to your answers. Take all care :slight_smile:


Not quite that simple.

  • The laptop can negotiate via the Power Delivery protocal which may decide 20v is acceptable, but 20V is not acceptable if just connected.

  • A 15W supply may work fine, as I’m typing this my consumption is less than 8W

  • Any solarcharger will do if you feed it through something like a 12-24V car charger that outputs PD option. I reside of grid with solar panels and a LinkOn car charger that does PD, QC3, PPS and basic 5V 2A

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I’ve just bought SUNLOAD MultECon Charger M60 and a []( UGREEN Cigarette Lighter USB C 69 W Car Charger Cigarette Lighter PD Car Charger). If I connect my Framework (first generation 11th Gen Intel) via USB 3C cable to the cigarette lighter the M60 powerbank starts beeping and disconnects the cigarette lighter (its control LED is switched off.) The lighter claims to have 69W and the powerbank claims to be able to deliver 6A continuous on its 12V port (so should have 72W). There might be a chance that the lighter has 69W output power and drains more from the powerbank.
Any idea how I can work with this setup - may be by reducing the power drained by the framework? I tested the setup with a Matebook 13 which works nicely. Another laptop from Dell simply says: “Please use the original power supply” and does not charge at all.
Kind regards, Andreas.