[SOLD] Framework 13 AMD 7640U DIY edition

  • Device: Framework 13 AMD 7640U
  • Included Parts:
    • MediaTek WiFi card
    • 55Wh battery
    • matte display
    • 4x USB-C cards
    • international English keyboard
    • (BYO RAM, SSD, charger etc.)
  • Original Purchase Date: Oct 2023
  • Region/Country: UK
  • Price (and accepted payment methods): Offers welcome. BACS, PayPal.
  • Shipment option/shipment price: within UK-only, ~£15-20.
  • Pictures of the actual laptop/parts:

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Any reason you are selling that a potential buyer could consider?

So this is the DIY :slight_smile: as in

The pictures don’t show any detail, are there any marks etc. ?

And can you confirm you still have the 2 year warranty :slight_smile:

  • selling due to requiring macOS for work
  • OS: none (DIY)
  • No marks
  • Warranty: 1 year ~3 months remaining (confirmed with support warranty is transferable)

@coof says this has sold and asked to close the thread.

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