[SOLD] Framework Laptop 13 Intel 11th gen i7

Device: Laptop 13 Intel 11th gen i7 (11th GEN Intel Core i7-1185G7 @ 3.00 GHZ)
Included Parts: 64 GB RAM, 1 USB-A, 2 USB-C, 1 HDMI
Original Purchase Date: Dec, 2021
Region/Country: USA
Price (and accepted payment methods) $500 via Paypal or Cash
Shipment option/shipment price: Ship within USA, please DM for question
Pictures of the actual laptop/parts:

[Processing: 1.jpg…](display, windows 10 preinstalled)
[Uploading: 2.jpg…](top cover)
[Uploading: 3.jpg…](bottom cover)

top cover, bottom cover, windows 10 installation


(display, windows 10 preinstalled)

(top cover)

(bottom cover)

Any chance you’d consider shipping this to New Zealand?

I wish I was in the market. That’s an insanely great price.

Still available?

Let me help end this thread, I bought this particular Framework from this guy on eBay :slightly_smiling_face:


Our first successful transaction on Community Market!

Closing this then. @Android, if this is in error, let us know and we’ll reopen it.

Thanks everyone!

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