[Solved] - 13th Gen Windows Driver install stuck

I just got my 13th gen DIY Edition and have been having trouble completing the initial setup.

I was able to install windows however the driver installation program appears to be getting stuck. It progressed quickly through steps 1-9 however it has been stuck on step 10 for well over 2 hours. While it does say it takes several minutes, this feels like something is wrong.

When checking task manager, there is always less than 5% cpu utilization and the program list only appears to show generic windows processes.

This is my second attempt at installing the drivers, in my first attempt it progressed through steps 1-10 but got stuck on step 11 for 1 hour at which point I closed the window and re-downloaded the drivers. I don’t know if this caused any issues.

Here are the specs of the laptop

  • Windows 11 pro
  • version 22H2, build 22621.1702
  • 13th gen, i7-1360p

How do I fix this? Is there something I’m doing wrong?
Thank you,
New Framework user

Are you sure you have the right driver package, you don’t say which you used, and it can take 20 min but not 2 hours ??

Windows 11 Installation on the Framework Laptop DIY Edition - Framework Guides

Framework Laptop BIOS and Driver Releases (13th Gen Intel® Core™)

I’m pretty sure I used the right package:
The downloaded filename is: Framework_Laptop_13th_Gen_Intel_Core_driver_bundle_W11_2023_03_28
Do you have any other ideas?

Looks like the correct one.

So where are you at? Windows boots OK with default drivers still. So have you tried a few more times?

Is it safe to reboot with a driver install “in progress”?
or would that cause more issues/corrupted files?
(For context I’m switching from a mac so windows is somewhat new to me)
The second attempt (from my original post) is still running, still stuck at step 10

Update: I decided to just restart and it installed fine after that.
It did start installing windows updates when I restarted so that may have been what caused the issue.
However the issue is now fixed.
@amoun thanks for your help.