[SOLVED] Battery availability in US?

Trying to order a battery for my bare board so I can go about the BIOS update and OS setup in the suggested safest manner to avoid bricking my new mainboard. I already have the mainboard and have storage and memory installed on the board. I am trying to order the 55wh battery from the marketplace but when I get to the checkout stage I get the following error message:
“Sorry, we don’t have enough of the item: Battery - 55Wh at our US warehouse. Try combining the item with a laptop order or removing it from your cart to proceed to checkout.”
Is there a way to get updates on when the battery will be available to ship to the US? I know for items marked out of stock in the marketplace that you can sign up for notifications of in stock but since the marketplace shows the battery as in stock I can’t select this option.

It sounds like an error, reach out to support.

Hi there,

Inventory does show zero in stock at our warehouse serving the US/Canada at the moment. I’ll check to see when additional stock will be available.


We’re making some buffer stock available @bailey_shelton in the next hour or so, so if you move fast, you can grab one of the last ones. We don’t have an ETA on additional stock at the moment as it seems there’s an international shipping issue getting these back in stock. We’re working to get this resolved with our partners now.


Dang. I just saw this reply. I’m guessing you guys have already gone through that buffer stock?

@bailey_shelton I’d give it a shot if you haven’t already. I’ll mark this post as solved now since it has been responded to.

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Just submitted my order, super thankful that yall are able to make this kind of product possible. Any other company would have you going to ebay to look for a secondhand OEM battery. Can’t wait to get started on my framework project with the new battery