[SOLVED] Battery life down 5% in 5 days

  • OS: Arch Linux KDE with Linux kernel 6.1.37-1-lts
  • 13th gen i5

(Dates are from my timezone.)
I preordered a Framework laptop in May, and it arrived on the 4th of July. It is currently the 10th of July for me, and I have only charged the laptop 4 times. On the 9th, KDE showed a battery health, and now it shows 95%. I have not set a charging limit for the battery. The only intensive tasks that I have done are a Blender single-frame render (5 minute run time), 3 hours of Linux native games, and 47 minutes of a game running on Proton.
My battery also has CL written in blue pen above the QR code “label”, and I have only used my HDMI expansion card for only 10 minutes (I only used 2 USB-C and 2 USB-A cards).
Is this a normal occurrence, a defect, or a bad charge limit?

By health do you mean wear?

The rated value is 100% and of course the batteries may not match that. It can also take 100 cycles for the battery to break in to it’s full capacity.

You may find that if you discharge completely > run down to auto power off > wait 30 min or more if you can and power on > let battery drain the rest etc.

Then charge to 100% and check the wear over the next few days.

See this and more in that topic


I think so?

I think my battery started around 97 - 98%. How much battery capacity/health will I lose after 100 cycles? I don’t want to replace the battery anytime soon.

You shouldn’t loose much, maybe 2%

Did you see the topic I linked to ? I have kept a record for a year and half and produced graphs.

It started at 2.9% quickly went to 7.4% that;s when I calibrated the battery via full discharge and recharge. It’s only an algorithm that estimates.

After about 60 cycles I had it down to 3%, currently it’s about 4.5% after 16 months

Here is a graph of the last 12 months

The red line is the rated wear of 20% over 1000 cycles
The purple is the adjusted recorded daily wear,


Thank you for helping me.

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I have a few graphs and tables of data at

graphs | tables
Would be nice to know if things level out, keep in touch.
All the best.

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Hopefully this helps address your concern thanks to amoun?

Update: “Battery health” went back to 97% after some charge cycles. However, battery percentage drops quickly in the night when in a suspend state (I don’t know which). I have not installed any tools, so I will just edit this when I find a solution on the forums. I’ll just look around on the forums, probably won’t edit this.

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