SOLVED Boot order for EFI executables

After installing Ubuntu to a partition (main drive, same as Windows), I am unable to boot to it due to the BIOS boot feature being unable to specify EFI files.

Is there any way to set which EFI executable is launched? Currently, my laptop will always boot what I assume to bootmgrfw.efi. Specifically, I’d like to boot refind.efi.

SOLUTION: in a uefi shell, type “bcfg boot add executable name”

You can set that in the bios. Trying to go from memory, you need to turn off the auto ordering, then you can reorder things and turn on and off which ones you want to be available. Windows keeps grabbing the top spot when I boot into it. I disabled it in the BIOS setting so that I can launch it from refind if I want to, but I haven’t rebooted into it since making the change.

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Thanks. I managed to get it to work by using bcfg in a UEFI shell.
Ie bcfg boot add 00 executable name

Yup, a bit counter-intuitively, you need to set “New Boot Device Priority” to “First” or “Last” (i.e. not “Auto”), and then under “EFI boot order” you can disable entries using the enter key, and change the order with F5 and F6.

This did not seem to happen for me, with Windows 11.

I noticed some sources online saying you could prevent this using “msconfig” in Windows to change the default OS, but that also listed only Windows (not the Ubuntu install that is listed by the F12 startup menu and was set as default).