[SOLVED] Bought New, Got Refurbished!

Just got my new laptop and it has someone else’s user info on it! I can’t log in and am quite upset. Particularly since someone else’s data could compromised! Someone contact me!

Hi Paul,

This forum is only for help between members of the community. You should contact Framework support directly at Framework | Support. They’ll definitely be able to help solve this.

Hope it get resolved quickly!


Hi Paul,

We’re very sorry about this. It’s actually not a refurbished or used Framework Laptop. The account you found on the machine is the test account from our manufacturing partner and they missed required steps to reset the machine/accounts after initial configuration of the Prebuilt. This was a factory escape that will be addressed directly with our partner and we will be sending you out a brand new Framework Laptop shortly.

Again, our sincerest apologies for this error.