[SOLVED] Cannot buy : visa card refused

Sorry If I’m not in the good forum.
When I try to pay (the 100€) with my visa card but I got a message “Votre carte a été refusée.”, which means my card has been refused but I don’t understand why.
I’m stuck and I cannot buy the framework.
My card is not expired, and I have enough funds inside (for the whole price).
It’s a card from a well known French bank. I have 2FA activated but I didn’t receive a 2FA alert on my bank app.

Any ideas ?

ps : Also I received SMS saying that the payment of 100€ has succeded but it look like a scam because my account has not been withdrawn from the 100€ amount.

Please contact Support about this.

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Hi @Mohamed_Amine_LEGHER,

We successfully captured the 100 Euro deposit yesterday for the 12th Gen Intel Core Framework Laptop and your order is now in the correct “Pending/Balance Due” state for preorders. You should have received an order confirmation yesterday, and from what I can see on my side based on transactional email history, it looks like you did. You’re all set.