[SOLVED] Cannot change battery charge limit in BIOS 3.07

I’ve updated the BIOS to 3.07 and now see the option for Battery Charge Limit, but AFAICT there’s no way to change this option. When I press enter I get this mysterious dialog box where the first button (selected in the photo) doesn’t have any text and if I press enter there, I can choose either Yes or No (neither of which do anything).

No combination of F5, F6, +, or - do anything when any of these buttons is selected. Am I just doing it wrong? Or is there something preventing me from changing the threshold?

Can you not type into the box?


LOL yes that does work. Thank you for the swift reply. I will leave this up in case anyone else is this clueless :laughing:


If you wouldn’t mind editing the title of this post to contain “[SOLVED]”, it might also stop folks from jumping in and freaking out. If you want! :slight_smile:


Done! Provided @Rohit_Vighne doesn’t mind.