[SOLVED] DIY AMD 13 - Power button only lights up while pressed

That means it’s not detecting the touchpad (which is expected) but also not the internal screen.

Yeah no input cover/touchpad detected is to be expected, i’m wondering more about the display and the post debug code.

The display properly booted once yesterday, around the same time the input cover shorted out, and has not come on since.

Posted on the Batch 4 thread the other day but also wanted to post here. +1 another batch 4 AMD FW13 with the shorted/melted input cover connector. Still waiting on a reply from support.

I must say it’s very disappointing and concerning that there is a relatively high failure rate on these input cover boards in this batch.

Do remember that these forums are relatively self selecting. Those who are here are either huge fans or having problems. It will most likely be fine :slight_smile:

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Just note we can’t really know how high the failure rate really is, though obviously there is some sort of problem.
Honestly I even would understand if there is a technical or economic reason which made it unfeasible to test all of these covers, but this would be a lot less grating if they had at least made a process for swift rmas on this beforehand if it was a known issue.


I just wanted to do a last update to this thread. I have now finally received my replacement input cover (and battery) an all seems to be working well.

A small timeline as a reference to others:

  • 3. November Framework shipped
  • 6. November Framework delivered; input cover connector melts;
    immediately contacted support for replacement input cover
  • 11. November reply from support → sent to RMA team
  • 14. November RMA team says they will ship replacement parts
  • 16. November Replacement parts ship out
  • 20. November Replacement parts arrive

@Uli These are fast shipping times! May I ask where are you located?

In Germany. Actually FedEx beet their own estimation both times (by 2 days the first time, by one the second time)

Well, that means that Framework is shipping from somewhere within Europe then. Cool! I’m in Spain, so give or take some days it should be similar here! Thanks!

No actually its:

Taiwan → Philippines → China → France → Germany

or for the second shipment

Taiwan → Philippines → China → Germany → France → Germany :man_shrugging:

If I didn’t know any better I would think you were joking! :slight_smile: Apparently they have honed their route so well, they even threw a double-back, for good measure! Nonetheless and joking aside, these are some surprisingly good shipping times!

As an update to my own input cover issues, the RMA arrived fast, and I’ve had no issues, aside from the CPU seeming to run much slower than its reported 5.1ghz max boost for the 7840u, only reaching up towards 4.5 at the absolute maximum I’ve seen yet, much preferring to hover around 4.0

Had this same problem in Batch 6 received November 24, 2023 — followed the Quick Start, went fine, but nothing happened when I hit the power button, no lights on the power button (but I didn’t know there were lights to begin with as I’ve never used this machine).

The Quick Start said it took time for first boot so I waited ~10 minutes. I opened it back up and when I did there were red LEDs next to the expansion card slots and I could smell burning. Found this thread and saw the same issue as the first photo in this thread with the connector looking similar.

As I was doing this, the machine display came on and said there was no boot media, but now it’s stuck with the power on because it seems like the power button doesn’t work and so I can’t turn it off. Currently waiting until the battery dies for it to shut itself off I guess.

Submitted a request to support but haven’t heard yet back (it was a US holiday 2 days ago, and now it’s the weekend).

Note that there is a power button on the Mainboard itself.
You can use that to shutdown and even use your framework while you wait for the replacement parts.
Hopefully the process has been sped up.

It sucks this is happening still, though as a silver lining I can confirm I really love it and have had no issues after the replacement :blush:

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